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Catalyzing ACTION That Leads to Results

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212 Catalysts can help you identify and achieve real, measurable outcomes with the following services:


Strategic planning/refresh; Development cycle/grants/fundraising; Quality & continuous improvement; Data-outcomes/impact analysis; 

Training & technical assistance


Systems set-up/improvement; Contract admin support; Outsourcing of business processes; 

Project management; Finance, audits & reporting


…to forge new partnerships

...for corporations seeking to support philanthropic causes


Convening and action planning processes to inspire and move work teams toward that “extra degree” that makes the difference

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About Us

For 25 years, 212 Catalysts founder and CEO, BiNi Coleman, has aided a long list of organizations – large and small – through processes of systems improvement, achieving measurable impact, and catalytic growth. She has also advised countless individuals in their journeys toward personal growth.

Click here to see what leaders have to say about their experiences working with BiNi.

If you have a goal in mind but don’t know where to start – or need to get “unstuck” – we can help. We’re about action, so we can combine your vision with our extensive experience and competencies to catapult you through a streamlined strategic planning process that won’t take a year to complete. Or, if you just need direct assistance to weather transition or achieve a specific objective, we can provide operational or strategic assistance until you stabilize leadership or reach your goals.

Because we have extensive specialization in the non-profit sphere, we can also make recommendations and connections to charitable organizations for businesses looking to meet their philanthropic or community investment goals.



Alyssa Reyna

Business Development Manager

Julia Trejo

Creative Manager



Michael Lofton,

President / CEO / Founder

African American Youth Harvest Foundation

In working with Mrs. Coleman and her team, over the past 13 years, I have much respect for the expertise they have demonstrated in the following areas:  Operational & Business Management, Organizational Strategy & Leadership, Financial & Data Systems/Management, Development and Communication. She led strategy and development efforts to move our nonprofit from an annual budget of around $300K to over $1.2M. Beyond just technical skills, one of the greatest attributes Mrs. Coleman and her team  brings to the table is their character:  integrity, honesty, dependability, commitment to helping underserved communities, and their willingness to state their position and challenge inequities.

Phyllis Everette,

Chairman / CEO 

Saffron Trust Womens Foundation

CEO and founder BiNi Coleman can create A vision for your company's mission. She comes with years of experience And can create a strategy for you to implement the groundwork required to launch dreams! She is detailed , experienced, courageous and thinks outside the box! I've seen her work projects from beginning to end.

I confidently without reservation, highly recommend 212 Catalysts because they have the magic touch!

Amy Cobb,



212 Catalysts' mission is to help businesses and individuals make a positive impact in society. They have begun a newsletter initiative to update their progress, ways to get involved, and get resources out to the community. 

I could not be more honored and proud to have them as a client. They truly are using their power for the good.

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